Not just Orange trees, but above all an idea of nature which hides and reveals its inner and deepest strength. They are fruit, but they are especially the fructification of the essential life. And, amidst all of it, there is always the light that shows the light and the light that protects us from neverending darkness.

Perhaps she felt once attracted by orange trees, and, sometimes by almond trees. But it was not the shape of the tree, nor even by the sweetness of the fruit what has permeated these paintings of almost extreme sensitivity. It is the life behind the shape, the idea underneath the leaves’ profiles, the flowers, the fruit. What we perceive is the beating of the living beings. For this, it is a nature glowing with light, which weeps with tears falling in the air... Nobody could not say they are not orange trees. But they are the ones that connect with a flute concert by Vivaldi, or the ones that make the viewer recall an evening under the scent of the blooming orange trees.
© Eulàlia Borrut Casas. All rights reserved.
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