From the sea to lava, from tenderness of an iron screw, 
from the misshapen poetry to the paradoxical shape.

The misshapen backgrounds are the melting pot of symbolic figures. Icons that come out of the colour magma to merge yet again in the sea where they came from, so as to move the viewers. Shades of blue take us deep down to an underground life, reds explode like the lava that merges in the retina of he who dares to look. One can find the very life of the green, made of blue and yellow, which walks towards a vivid light. In this section there is a life that shocks, a life that beats in an unexpected way, and sometimes reveals the creases of a rare consciousness as if trying to find something out of a brain that thinks and feels with fulfilling intensity. Colours want to find the plenitude in a shape which shows what is lacked. This is why the endless life of colour becomes a paradox in a heated tin, a nail, or a metal net. Hindered life, struggling to succeed, life that will not be drowned but which will prevail and dominate the paradox in such a way that one cannot know whether it is a look or it is sex.
© Eulàlia Borrut Casas. All rights reserved.
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